Special projects

Arranging transport and logistics for various types of factory relocations
Special projects

Factory and machine relocations

Thiermann Forwarding is a renowned company with extensive experience in arranging transport and logistics for various types of factory relocations. Whether you need to move machinery, equipment or other inventory, we are here for you. Our impressive portfolio includes successful relocations of hospitals, steel plants, printing works, and various other factories. Trust us to handle your relocation needs with precision and efficiency.

Some examples:

  • Hospitals
  • Steel mills
  • Printing companies
  • Other factories

Personal approach

Prior to your move, we are happy to personally meet with you, providing a clear understanding of the process and ensuring you have full visibility every step of the way. Rest assured, with us, you'll always know where you stand.

Global Network: No Distance is too Far

At Thiermann Forwarding, we leave no room for uncertainty. With our extensive global network of shipping companies, forwarders, and container services, we guarantee the safe transport of your valuable assets to your new business location, regardless of the distance. Whether it's an overseas journey or an overland transfer, our meticulous packing ensures the security of your belongings throughout the entire transportation process.

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