Thiermann Forwarding B.V.

About Thiermann Forwarding

The company founded in 2003 and started under the name of Thiermann Expeditie, very soon it was clear that the name wasn't the right one and we changed the name into Thiermann Forwarding. One of the main reasons is that we get more and more internationally in the market. We are a small company and we are stand for a high service level and short communication lines. What results in a fast and reliable partner for all logistics.

Directly the right person on the line!

We are a small all-round forwarder who can handle or your logistic activities on transport, customs, logistics and warehousing and everything else for the logistic market. Nothing will be to small or to big for us, we carry everything and will offer a suitable solution for everything.

We will always try to offer freight rates within 24 hours after request. Our working times are from 08.00 in the morning till 22.00 hours, what also gives a better service level.